animation degree

What’s Pink And Fluffy?

It’s done!

A man who’s had a few too many to drink is surprised to find a woman standing next to him:

This was a really tough animation to do due to the drunken state. I’ve done my utmost to make this as good as I could and have learnt so much in the process. I’d say all in all, it’s about a month’s work. For 22 seconds of animation. That’s when I realised that well… art is never truly complete. There’s always room for improvement or other possible interpretations. So I decided to finish up and render it.. using Pixar’s Renderman :) I’ll talk about that in a later post.

Workflow of compositing original animation into a Monsters Inc. clip

A couple months ago we were given about a dozen film clips to choose from. In one of these, we had to animate a character interacting with the scene and make sure that the lighting and perspective matched.

I chose this brilliant Monsters Inc. clip – an “outtake” from the movie in which Sully and Mike are supposed to run up to the camera, but Sully slips on the waxy floor.

My idea for the animation was simple – have two characters minding their own business. One of them avoids the crash, whilst the other… doesn’t.

Programs used: Maya, After Effects, Photoshop.

Racist man

I’ve made a lot of stuff over the past year that I’ve still yet to post about. Here’s something that I’ve been working on recently for a “sequential art” assignment.